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Feet Cams : Is ranked as the most common live cam fetish as it's easy to perform in front of a webcam. You can request how you want the model to show her feet during a live feet cam show. Maybe you want to see her toenails, heels, soles, or ankles painted. Tell her what you like, and she will do it for you.

Smoking : It can be sexy to see a lady put her lips around a cigarette and inhale before blowing the smoke through her red lips. Finding a fetish cam girl who smokes in front of webcams is not difficult as most of the time for selecting this type of model at most fetish webcams.

Ass : We all love a woman with a nice ass. Who doesn't get turned on when camgirls show off their tight ass in front of her webcam? Some like the girls naked, while others prefer a nice ass sporting a pair of jeans or sexy lingerie.

Cleavage : Regarding tits, you can choose from big, small, silicone, huge, or floppy (if you're into BBW). Tits are a popular fetish; models perform private shows with just their tits. She may oil her tits, fondle her breasts, or slide a dildo between her boobs.

Legs : Long, short, fat, slim, muscular, or tanned. Whatever you prefer, you will find it going through the fetish cam girls from our top fetish sites.

Stockings : This is a popular fetish for live webcam shows. Everyone loves a girl dressed in fishnets with matching skirts and high-heeled boots. Cam girls usually have various stockings in different colors and matching outfits. Tell her your favorite outfit and watch her as she gets dressed up for you in front of her webcam.

Leather : You won't be able to feel the smell of the leather through your webcam, but these girls can turn you on when they are dressed in tight leather dresses. Check the girls out in the free chat and ask what leather dresses she has in stock for you.

Rubber : The leather and rubber fetishes are similar, but some prefer rubber over leather as it makes a different sound and reflects the light into the cam. You will find that the fetish girls have various rubber outfits, from the smallest skirts to full-body outfits.

Femdom : This fetish is for guys who like to submit to dominant webcam mistresses. The live porn dominatrices will control the action and make you do things you thought you would never do. She might even humiliate you and full fill all of your femdom fantasies.

BDSM : This category includes bondage and sadomasochism, often performed by pornstars. Expect to pay about $4 per minute for most live BDSM shows.

Anal : There's no limit to what some girls will do regarding anal penetration shows. They will spread their ass wide open for you and penetrate it with huge dildos or insert a butt plug with a soft kinky tail.

Double Penetration : This category is rare and will cost you much money. Watch her penetrate both holes with dildos before her cam and enjoy a live gaping session.

High Heels & Boots : I don't know why, but there's something special about seeing a half-naked girl lying on her bed with her legs up in the air, wearing a sexy pair of high heels or boots. This fetish turns most guys on, making the girls look slutty and ready to do anything.

Hairy : In mainstream porn today or among the cam girls, you don't see much hair between their legs. But ther's a huge market for hairy girls as well. If you want girls to be unshaven and with their pussy fully covered with hair, I recommend you enter one of the fetish sites above and use the category filters to find the hairy models.